To ensure a central registry is in place to track trained workers, supervisors and owners and document credentials.

A non-profit organization that is owned and operated by the Basement development Industry in Calgary. Its goal is to reduce the number and duration of workplace injuries and to lower contractor costs.


Promote Safety

To develop and promote safety and foster a construction workplace safety culture.

Training and Practices

To establish a safety training and practices framework that ensures appropriate safety standards, curriculum, training programs, and other programs are developed and delivered.

Safety Cost Drivers

To identify safety cost drivers and take appropriate action to address priority drivers.


Preventing & Investigating Musculoskeletal Injuries

This course aims at providing employers and workers with the knowledge and tools to prevent MSI and conduct investigations into an MSI.

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Fall Protection

This course is offered through the Fall Protection Group and Hazmasters.  This one-day (eight-hour) program is designed to give students a good understanding of fall protection as it relates to […]

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Hazard Recognition & Control

A range of hazards are described and recommended measures are presented.

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